Capital Build-up Programs (CBU)

1. Deposit for Capital Subscription (DFCS)

    Accepts DFCS with an interest of 8% per annum and minimum term of 2 years.

2. Coopbank e-Club 2000

    The Coopbank e-Club 2000 (Expanded Club 2000) is a CBU project of CBTI which aims to strengthen its capital base and at the same time strengthen ties with its shareholders/clientele by providing them benefits and incentive loan package that can be availed in times of their needs.

    Started in 2000, the program initially targeted its microfinance borrowers. However, with its successful campaign, it has expanded its market and included the general public, thus, aiming for a wider client based and individual shareholders.

    For every thousand you generate for e-Club-2000, your capital can grow with as high as 8% interest rate per annum.