Savings Deposits

Savings Deposit (Peso)

Type of Savings Initial Deposits (PHP) Maintaining Balance (PHP)
Regular 500 500
Tipid (Students) 300 300
Cooperative 2,000 2,000

The rate of interest for savings of P500 and up is 2% per annum
(As of January 24, 2011)

Application Requirements

For Personal Application:

  1. Proof of identification
  2. 2 valid IDs (SSS/GSIS, Driver’s license, PRC card, Company ID, Passport)
  3. Proof of Billing (telephone, water, electric bills)
  4. Two (2) copies of 1x1 ID pictures
For Cooperative Application: For Clubs/ Associations/ Civic/ Religious Organizations
  1. Specimen Signature cards authenticated by banks authorized personnel
  2. Secretary’s Certificate authorizing and designating the bank to be the club/ asociation/ civic/ religious organization’s depository bank.
  3. Identification papers.