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Cooperative Bank of Tarlac, Inc.

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The Cooperative Bank of Tarlac, Inc. (CBTI) formerly known as the Cooperative Rural Bank of Tarlac was organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and was given the authority by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to operate as a bank in December 1977.

One hundred and eight (108) Samahang Nayons and cooperatives as shareholders founded CBTI with the primary mission of providing affordable credit assistance to farmers in Tarlac.


To become a well structured and efficient cooperative financial institution recognized for its expertise and for its quality of services in financing cooperatives, farmers and the entrepreneurial poor people in the Province of Tarlac.


To profitably provide affordable credit assistance in an effort to assist in eradicating poverty and improving and uplifting the lives of the poor Filipino families.


Cooperative Bank of Tarlac wishes to be perceived as an effective organization of quality people who:

  • Profitably manage banking services for growth in its market segment.
  • Take the lead in providing quality customer service.
  • Focus on building customer confidence in their professionalism and their transparency.
  • Stress an external customer focus in their decision-making.
  • Value their people through providing direction, support and recognition and demonstrating confidence in their ability.