Chairman of the Board
A Message from the Chairman of the Board

The Coop Bank of Tarlac, Inc., in its desire to help the farming and non-agricultural communities, is focused on developing their full potential as a productive member of society. Coop Bank aims to improve these communities in their economic situation and attain a quality of life geared towards local and global situations and realities, without necessarily losing control over their personal and social obligations in relation to bio-diversity for the maintenance of ecological balance in our planet. It is imperative that they should have adequate knowledge about how to conserve the fruits of nature which sustain life in this planet while making use of the land as a means also of sustaining human life.

Coop Bank will provide the bridge, that will link the agricultural and non-agricultural families to the realities of this millennium in the areas of economics, political and spiritual field through values formation that will strengthen the smallest unit of our society- the family. The bank will be their staff in the transfer of technology as they cross over and shift to a paradigm that will guarantee them personal economic independence. This, however, will strengthen their social capacity to attain maximal development and utilization of their innate capacity for growth as a person and continued development as a productive member of the family and the community in general.

Coop Bank will provide access to the financial needs of the community and the technology necessary for the management of the funds. Capability building will be one of the bank’s concerns individually and collectively. It is inevitable that a value has to be inculcated as they move up the ladder of success while facing the various challenges along the way. The bank realizes the need to strengthen the person who is part of the family, who represents collectively, the building blocs necessary for a stable community. The economic strength of these families has the greatest impact for the peace and order in a community. They provide the foundation on which governance can be hold anchored for a stable social order.

Dr. Ricardo P. Ramos, M.H.A.
Chairman, Coop Bank of Tarlac, Inc.

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